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Quality: Colored pictures and books are printed in high quality on quality white paper.

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Spinner: Book 1

Spinner the Amazing Dolphin: Sea Rescuer

Spinner the Amazing Dolphin Series: Book 1
A Chapter Book
Colorfully, Boldy, Realistically Illustrated
Fun-filled. Animal. Multicultural

Lively words and colorful action pictures bring this story to life!

Spinner, the amazing dolphin, playing far from his pod—family and friends—encounters six charming children one day in his life at sea. The children, who have been playing at Majesty Cove all morning, have no idea what is about to happen, but it turns out to be a day they will never forget. In fact, it just might change them forever.

As the interrelational story between the dolphin and children unfolds, readers get to share in their excite­ment, love, giggles, fun, danger, tears, rescue, play, and lessons learned. They also discover wonderful things about the incredible bottlenose dolphin. And the six children, from beautifully different cultures, who play together, stick together, and love each other in their differences, will inspire any reader to do the same.

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8" x 10"

Large Print

Reading Level: 7 - 10 years
Comments: Read to 5-6 years, depending on the child

8.5" x 11"

Large Print


8" x 10"

Large Print

Spinner the Amazing Dolphin:
Sea Rescuer
Fun Things to Do

Spinner the Amazing Dolphin Series: Book 2

The story of Spinner and the children is not meant to be just a fun read, but an experience in fun. To get the complete experience, you need Fun Things to Do, Book 2 in the Spinner the Amazing Dolphin Series. In Fun Things to Do, you can color pictures (using colored pencils) that tell the story of the dolphin and the children, learn some basics of using colored pencils, and act out the story using the pictures you colored.


Include Others  

Don't do all of this alone, but include others, like your family and friends. Read with them, color with them, and act out the story with them.Get ready to experience hours of adventure and creative fun with Spinner the Amazing Dolphin: Sea Rescuer,
Books 1 and 2 .

 Inside Iggy: 
The Quest Begins

Inside Iggy Series: Book 1

This is a story of Iggy, an adorable Polar Bear, who is on a quest to reach his destiny. He is an adventuresome sort, who delights in eating watermelon and water jumping. He escapes from a zoo to go to the Arctic where his father is king and he someday will be. But Iggy's quest is not just his physical journey, but also his inner journey to become who he is meant to be. In his inner journey, he discovers many things about life, others, himself, and his destiny. His motto is "Life is Good," but he finds in the good life, challenges and things to overcome. A quiet, inner voice guides him on his journey, in which he finds great comfort and wisdom.  

Children will delight in Iggy's story and identify with many of the things he thinks and feels. As Iggy learns to handle life and the "stuff" that comes his way, children may likewise find wiser ways to grow and reach their destiny. 

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