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L.D. Murray
(Publisher, Author, and Illustrator) 

Linda’s love of children and their hearts has led her to write children’s stories. She also has a love and appreciation for animals, all kinds. Spinner the Amazing Dolphin: Sea Rescuer (her first published children's book) gave her a wonderful opportunity to express these loves by authoring and illustrating this story.

After retiring from a robust career—developing and managing financial systems, authoring and illustrating multimedia, and writing professionally—she was led by her Father to write stories for children. He told her she writes in words that paint pictures, and she has often heard people say when reading her writings, “I can see it!” To her picture-painting words she adds lively, colorful illustrations. Her animated, graphic design work for multimedia has served her well in designing and illustrating children's stories.

Linda currently has several other children’s books and accompanying illustrations in the making. One book is the story of an adorable, young polar bear (a smidgen over six months old to be exact), who escapes from a zoo to make a long trek to the Arctic. Another is the story of children, a chariot, and beautiful white horses fighting victoriously against a ferocious dragon creature (one with 7 heads). Spinner the Amazing Dolphin was born out of the story she is writing about the polar bear. Linda looks forward to meeting her young readers in those stories soon to come.

Jacqueline A. Kelly
(Illustrator and Editor)

Jacqueline is a gifted, trained fine artist. She has completed figure drawing, anatomy, portrait classes, and a children’s book design course at Art Center, College of Design, Pasadena, CA. As a graduate of Pasadena City College, majoring in Spanish and French, she also completed classes in the disciplines of portraiture, color theory, oil painting, and perspective layout. Most of her original work is figure sketches and watercolor.


After 13 years at IBM, she spent 17 years as a technical writer for firms throughout California writing and editing professional documents. She enjoys editing to add a professional finish to work completed by others.

One of her passions is sketching people, especially children, doing things they love to do. Her artistic gifting and life-long love of illustrating adds great value to our books.

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