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Trusting all of you had a good month as life moves forward. Maybe you enjoyed a wonderful vacation, a visit with family, an excursion with your favorite hobby, exploring a good book, or other activities to your joy and liking. Heart Passage Publishing has been moving ahead with a number of concurrent activities: book authoring and illustrating and continuing to promote our children’s stories.  


As a member of Heart Passage Publishing’s mailing list, you received an opportunity to win a free gift in our periodic drawings for the child of your choice. Our end of July prize was a free, autographed copy of “Spinner the Amazing Dolphin: Sea Rescuer.” The winner of our drawing has chosen to have their winning book mailed to 3 great grandchildren in Tennessee (ages 5-10 years). We are excited to send the book off to them. We hope they find great joy as the story unfolds of Spinner, the amazing dolphin, and the six charming children he meets one day in his life at sea.

Our next drawing is September 30th and will be another autographed Heart Passage Publishing children’s book. If you know anyone interested in children’s books, please have them go to our website and sign up on our mailing list—it’s easy!


To use the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” here is a snapshot of the accolades awarded to “Spinner the Amazing Dolphin: Sea Rescuer”, May thru July 2022. We are trusting there is more to come.


Monthly Newsletter (8/22)


HPP has several books currently in the making.

A Picture Book (Target Publishing Date: Sept 30). “Spinner the Amazing Dolphin: Sea Rescuer” is being adapted to a rhyming picture book for children 2-7 years old. As the author, I felt the delightful story of this dolphin could and should be experienced by younger children thru the picture book genre.

Another Early Chapter Book (Target Publishing Date: Dec 31). “Inside Iggy: The Quest Begins” is a story of Iggy, an adorable Polar Bear, who is on a quest to reach his destiny. He is an adventuresome sort, who delights in eating watermelon and water jumping. He escapes from a zoo to go to the Arctic where his father is king and he someday will be. But Iggy's quest is not just his physical journey, but also his inner journey to become who he is meant to be. In his inner journey, he discovers many things about life, others, himself, and his destiny.

Children will delight in Iggy's story and identify with many of the things he thinks and feels. As Iggy learns to handle life and the "stuff" that comes his way, children may likewise find wiser ways to grow and reach their destiny.

Fun, Factual Tidbits About the Bottlenose Dolphin [i]

Share with a child you know.
They love to know things about animals.

Dolphins aren’t involuntary breathers like humans. They must consciously swim to the surface to take a breath. This means they can never fully sleep. One side of their brain must always be active so that they remember to breathe.

Dolphins produce high-frequency clicks that humans can’t hear. They use these clicks in a sonar system called echolocation. When the clicking sound reaches an object, it bounces back to the dolphin as an echo. Dolphins can process this information to determine the shape, size, speed, distance, and location of the object! They use echolocation to navigate, locate prey, hunt, protect themselves from predators in murky, dark waters and to communicate.


Feel free to share any comments or suggestions you have about the information in our newsletters or the newsletters themselves.
We would love to hear your thoughts.

L.D. Murray
Publisher, Author, Illustrator

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[i] Sources:,no%20sunlight%20and%20to%20communicate

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