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To the Children

Through our stories, may you experience adventure, fun, encouragement, friendship, life learning, understanding of yourself and others, knowledge of the animal kingdom, and more. To add to the fun of it all, you can wear inspirational clothing with the adorable characters from the different books. 

Blessings for all your dreams to come true.

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Heart Passage Publishing (HPP) is here to touch the hearts and lives of children. Our books are designed to delight their hearts through engaging stories and lively, fun illustrations.


The journey to adulthood should and can be a wonderous experience but also has many challenges. Children should experience the wonderful things while growing up, like healthy family and friendships, love, joy, acceptance, learning, fun, adventure, confidence, dreams, and more. But then there are those difficult things, like loss, isolation, worry, fear, bullying, rejection (even of self), sadness, and more. Heart Passage Publishing stories are written to touch the hearts of children, often through real-life, engaging animals, to know that what they experience is not unique to them and that there are positive ways to process everything, even the difficult things in life. They are also encouraged to treat each other well and learn things about real-life animals (even some vulnerable / endangered species).

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